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January 8, 2011
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Shout Your Last Cry by Mike-Dragon Shout Your Last Cry by Mike-Dragon
EDIT:2 Longer story in this [link]

EDIT: I just added some shading by the base of the tower and grass so it doesn't seem to be floating anymore.

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Raging at the younger Western, the king questioned the male about his actions next to a couple of large rock dragon statues, crafted with care with glowing yellow eyes. “THEY GAVE YOU LIFE! BUT IN RETURN YOU GAVE THEM HELL!” he roared at Colros. “How could you kill your own family?” Braveheart added in lower tone. “You keep blaming me, but remain blind to the truth! He can offer the people what they deserve: Power!” Colros replied in angry tone, growling inside his throat a desperate desire to roar at the unique green figure before his eyes.

Poor young dragon. Seduced by the obscure promises of a banished dragon who only desire was self preservation and control over the land to assist his own greed. Darklek… the black dragon who once commanded armies was now nothing but a sad memory. Yet alive; still on the seek for new minions to do his dirty job and conquer the land, promising them power and life longevity beyond their beliefs.

“You are the blind, fool! You’ve been used!” The king responded angrier. The eyes of his guards watching the scene from distance at his right. “LIES! He’ll come back then you’ll see, Braveheart.” Colros fired back with a shout, furious for being told such words, yet aware of the consequences he was about to suffer for his crimes. “Shout! Shout! Let it all out! These are probably your last words” Michael responded in strong voice with the authority his status provided him. “In violent times you shouldn’t have to sell your soul. Such one tracked mind… you had other choices. You shouldn’t jump for joy.” his teeth bared viciously, unable to hide his rage towards his subject, yet able to control himself to not hit the smaller being in anger.

“Your highness… what shall we do with him now?” one of his guards asked politely. Michael turned his face to see him before turning it back towards Colros who kept tense, ready to fight if attacked, growling loudly, just like his king. “As cold as ice… I hope we live to tell the tale. For your crimes you shall pay. For your crimes you should die!” the heavy words proffered by Braveheart echoed through the ears of the dragons near him like a bomb. His hate for such huge disrespect for life and blood bondages could cause a death order. His reaction being a shock to the ones who are used to a calm pacifist pro-life dragon.

Colros looked into Michael’s maroon enraged eyes. If they just could smoke like his nostrils… “So, what is your word, majesty?” the criminal mocked. Michael Braveheart let out a loud growl as he approached one step forward. His claws digging the grassy ground under the stars of that clear bright night sky. The only clouds visible were the ones circulating around the top of the ancient building known as The Golden Tower; Michael’s palace. “If I could change your mind I’d love to break your heart!” he snarled at Colros, who stepped back, afraid of what the king could do in such state of mind. "I did it for the good of us all." the blue male tried to speak, now in lower tone, feeling like a trapped prey.

“Majesty… what is your decision?” the guard turned to ask. “Extinguish his flame. No sunlight. No sign of life.” The king of Delphinea commanded, extracting a panicked expression from the blue dragon before him. One of the worse punishments a dragon could ever have: his element terminated. Forever unable to use it. Forever weak. Forever a mere ordinary lizard. Until the end of his days. “Tie his wings. They shall never flap again. Prison… for the rest of his miserable wasted life.” Braveheart finished with a displeased expression on his features. Disappointment and sadness now taking over his before enraged facial muscles, sentencing such young life to live away from the world. Unable to even taste the light of the sun again, enclosed and hid from the eyes of the ones who once watched him grow beside his now dead parents. The sentence for his treason and murder… as bad as death itself. Alive… yet dead.

“Yes, milord.”

At long last... Shout, now under the final name of Shout Your Last Cry, is finished! :la:

All what I learned with In the Shadow's Mind, A Leap to the Sky, A Fine Catch, and some other recent works put in practice and improved to make this my best work of all. I worked hard on it and I think I am proud of the results. :)

New watermarking, now less obstructive yet more visible, new use of light dynamics and another try at perspective with the addition of a much greater night sky than the one I did on ItSM. Make the two sides of this picture wasn't so easy all and find what to add to make the environment look good was quite a challenge. Those spotlights illuminating the Golden Tower for example, weren't planned at first.

I found it best for Mike's world to take place in another realm and not on the Earth we know for quite a few reasons I won't list now. This is great because gives me the freedom I need to develop his world as I would like it to be. That sky for example, is nothing like anything that can be seen from the Earth.

Naturally I must to expose that this picture has some influences. To get started... it is inspired on Tears for Fears' epic song, Shout, which you can find in this [link] The sky is influenced by The Legend of Spyro trilogy. That huge moon-like there was based on the Celestial Moons. The statues were based on Spyro as well. Remember that huge dragon statued in the Temple, with those bright eyes? Yeah, I couldn't resist to the temptation. :) It wasn't planned at first when I started this pic but then I played the game and just had to add that to these statues. ^^;

The story was made up on the fly just as I finished the pic, right before I upload it. I wrote while listening to the song and as you can see, the presence of the music on the lines here and there is evident. After all... this work was inspired on the song so why not to use some lines of it for the story? :shrug:

Colros is quite an odd name, isn't it? That's because it is not a name! :lol: Actually, it is a typo. Yeah, a typo! XD I was working on the layers of Colros and creating a new one for the colors set I would use to color him later on and accidentally wrote "Dragon Colros set". I somehow found it could fit so I used it as his name. XD

Mike's really furious on that story, isn't he? :3 Heheh, yes, he is. Yet... for the worse his sentence may have been and Colros not deserving to live, he optioned for the preservation of life. :)

I don't know what else to write here. I just hope you have enjoyed it. :)

P.S: Should I upload the background only as well?

Michael Braveheart, Colros, The Golden Tower are copyright to myself :iconpoke-yoshi::iconsaysplz:Steal and you die.

The Golden Tower: 2001-2011


Tools: MSPaint, openCanvas and Photoshop CS2
Layers: 58 layers. (not counting the watermarks)
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I've had this open in my tabs for a couple of days STILL unable to find the words to describe just how amazing this is. I mean... this is just... :faint:

OK then, let me try my best to do this, because honestly, if this doesn't deserve a full critique, nothing does XD

The vision is clearly well defined, and carried across using superb detail, especially in the background sky. The light effects on the tower and the shadow effects on the dragons as well are done to a near perfection, though what is that big brown thing to the right of the image meant to be? A moon? It looks a bit too close to be one, but it doesn't really look like a hill either.

As for the originality? Well, I thought the way you used the song as an inspiration whilst not completely ripping it off was very well balanced, I can even imagine the song playing in the background as these two face off. Plus this whole thing is based on two of your characters in a universe that you created (I believe? Either that or co-created, I'm not sure about the crossover of SG with Delphinia).

I've always really liked your technique, and that's no exception here. In fact, this is probably technically the best drawing you've ever done. Like I said before, the amount of detail in the shadows and the sky is stunning. The only thing I think could perhaps be improved is the definition of the two statues, but they could just be smooth stone statues, which is what I'm guessing was your intention.

And finally, the impact; the best part of all. Though we know almost nothing of this second character of Colros, we can feel the anger and resentment they feel for each other, seething through the very screen. The two imposing statues overwatching the whole scene along with the great golden tower, spotlighted: It makes for something nothing short of breathtaking.

Overall? Just wow, a MASSIVE wow. Incredible work Mike, you really outdid yourself on this one. On everything. You should be proud :hug:
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ShadowTheDarkDragon Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013
whoe not even I can match that hey who are those dragons in this picture but any how its a master pice
Mike-Dragon Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'll be honest with you... The lack of punctuation on your comment and the typo made it pretty hard to understand what you said. :o Sorry, but it!

Those are both my characters. The green one is called Mike (Michael) and the blue one is Colros.

Thank you! ^^
ShadowTheDarkDragon Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013
oh ok well I guess you understand so what to rp or something cause this is starting to get arkward
humanofprey Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A pose de ação do Mike está 10!!
Bom trabalho :thumbsup:
Mike-Dragon Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!
FeatherSpiral Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Impressive picture of a breathtaking scene in an amazing story. My feelings in one sentence.

I'd love to critique properly, but I'm terrible at dragon art. I was gonna point out something, but I just noticed it was an optical illusion - that shows you how horrible a judge I'd be.
Mike-Dragon Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much. ^^

Oh? And what was it?
FeatherSpiral Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
That Mike's left leg seemed shorter than his right. But I put a couple objects against my screen to compare, and they're both the same length.
Mike-Dragon Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Of course it is the same length! I have measured them while drawing to make sure they would be the same size. ;) You just gotta take in mind the perspective. :)
FeatherSpiral Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I knowwwww, I thought I was. :shakefish:
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