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February 1, 2013
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Poke Love by Mike-Dragon Poke Love by Mike-Dragon
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Le WIP sketch:…

Ta-da! It's finished.

An idea I had some weeks ago when playing Pokémon SoulSilver. As in HeartGold and SoulSilver you can interact with your Pokémon and watch them perform the most variate and sometimes random actions, one of the things they can do is hug you. Depending on their gender, that is. It seems only female Pokémon will hug you (if you have chosen the boy character). EDIT: Interacting with my egg-hatched Seviper this morning (02/13/13, Wednesday), I have found out that it's not only female Pokémon that hug your character if you chose the male character. This Seviper of mine is male and at one point he too gave me a hug!

Previously I've had a few of my Pokémons doing that but it wasn't until my Seviper did it and then my Arbok that I had the idea to draw what it could be like if that was a real situation. I mean, really, a huge snake giving you a hug certainly must be awkward, to say the least! So I pictured a possible reaction I would express myself if the Pokémon universe were real. To be honest, the original idea was to draw Seviper hugging Gold (the male character in these games) but since Arbok is easier to draw and also gave me a hug in the game, I decided I should draw Arbok, instead. Besides, I like Arbok and find it kinda cute! In the anime, at least. :)

"Shawok!". That's how I hear and understand Arbok's voice in the anime, in case you might be wondering. Forgive me if that is incorrect but unlike most Pokémons, Arbok doesn't pronounce its name perfectly and clearly like Pikachu does, for example. Same goes to Charizard, which sounds quite dragon-ish, with grunts, growls, etc. (Quite awesome, if you ask me).

I am happy that I could Arbok look so adorable (at least I think I made this Pokémon look adorable here) and mostly for getting his anatomy mostly correct. And it's just the very first time I draw this Pokémon. In fact... this is the very first time I draw any Pokémon other than Lugia, actually! I don't know what I tried to do about the effects and shading, though. I wasn't trying to do anything new or cutesy or whatever, but turns out I ended up on actually doing something mostly different from my usual shading and effects style! Just don't ask me what is it. I have no idea what I've done. ^^; I'm also happy that I got to draw a human nicely for once. Well... partially...

You see... there are times that for the most you try to get things right, sometimes things are just meant to be wrong, it seems. It was the case of Gold here, I believe. I drew the scrap, I drew the sketch, I did corrections, drew the linearts, colored... when everything was mostly ready and shading almost complete BAM! HIS FREAKING NAPE IS BLOATED AS IF HE HAD A TUMOR AND I DIDN'T NOTICE UNTIL IT WAS WAY TOO LATE TO FIX!! :iconfrageplz: *sigh* Always when it is too late to fix things I find certain mistakes. It's so frustrating! Gold looks ok despite of that, but that one mistake is bothering me greatly.


The in-game text box is not actually from the game. I did used a screenshot of it for reference but the one I used in the picture was fully done by me with vectors on Corel, just using the original relative dimensions of the text box from the game and the colors and the text is a font I have.

I might or might not draw more interaction moments like this. It will all depend on time, mood and inspiration but mostly, my to-do list. I have a lot of works waiting to be concluded and some even started and I just keep on delaying and delaying them. So yeah, maybe, maybe not, I do more of these. Ideas for more I have. :)

Oh yeah! Before I forget... In this pic Gold addresses Arbok as "dude", even though that Arbok's supposed to be female. I tried but I couldn't find any other term/word that could fit better in a way that would keep the sound of the phrase funny. Well, I mean... I couldn't get anything else that could sound better than "Dude" in that context and facial expression.

Next in the series: Clumsy 'Zard by Mike-Dragon

Pokémon Arbok is copyright to :iconnintendoplz: and Game Freak
Art is copyright to myself. :iconmike-dragon::iconsaysplz:Steal and you die.

Tools: MSPaint, CorelDraw X5 and Photoshop CS2
Layers: 17 (not counting the watermarks)
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Just to start off, I'd have to say that I really like this picture. It reminds me of the good old days when I was bad at Pokémon and to tell you the truth, I still am. I'd have to say that it reminds me of my golden years when I did Roleplays daily, but that doesn't particularly portray to the subject.

I'm very fond of snakes. I've only held a few in my life, though. If I could say there was an ideal personality for a snake in life, I'd point to this picture right here.

I would say that the stern look and the confusion of the trainer reminds me of not only how awkward of a situation that would be if it were in a public place, but also of how this trainer may not be used to affection like this. I know that I'm not quite used to a lot of affection and tend to feel a as awkward as this guy when I do. I know that a girl hugged me once and the most I did was throw my hands up in the air like I was being placed under arrest and gave her the same look that this trainer has on.

I tend to be a nervous guy sometimes. I have paranoia and I'm always worried about some other person's opinions. I've been looking for stuff like this for years. In a situation just like this one, I think I'd be nervous and confused, but pleased. I don't know who would be able to resist a face like that anyways. I think this trainer might think that it's cute underneath the stern look, but is feeling too awkward to state that in this picture.

Feel the love. :meow:
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baconboss Apr 1, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
yousie6 Mar 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
i love the art style and that arbok is cute :3
Believe it or not, this is actually one of my favorite things to see happen when I play Soulsilver :D
Well I missed being 4 months late of soon for that critique by 1 day, but I promised I would get it to you! :>
dcaldwell101 Dec 20, 2013  Student Artist
I wouldn't mind some of that Poké Love.

I think I might write a critique on this at some point. :meow:

Expect one soon.


I love this picture! :heart:

Mike-Dragon Nov 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why, thank you! :aww:
No problem! ;>
that's rather cute. Had a similar reaction as i got a suprise hug from Mewtwo
Mike-Dragon Sep 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hahah. Now that is something I'd find creepy, myself. lol
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