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Chapter 6 – A Long Life Ahead. A Book Yet to be Written.

Word that the king could be having some personal issues began to spread throughout Dolphinport and eventually Delphinea in the form of rumors. Rumors these constantly denied by the king himself. Always with a calm look on his face and sometimes a smile. But what his expressions said, his eyes told otherwise. At this point of his life, Michael Braveheart began to care most about others than with himself, often putting the well-being of his subjects over his own and endangering his own life in some situations. What the future keeps in wait for him is yet unknown. One can only hope he find his happiness eventually, in a way or another, or at least learn to accept what has happened and move on.

Until then, one can only hope his shell can be broken and the cheerful drake he once was can be brought back to life...

Not The End

:star:Chapter 6 - A Long Life Ahead. A Book Yet to be Written:star:

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I recommend you have it playing on the background while you read:!sBAhQA4D!z95EFWX1… I've put it on my Mega account because I couldn't find/remember the source. And for the record, I do not own that song or any rights over it. The file name contains "by Foxamoore" so I suppose someone by the name of "Foxamoore" made it. Whoever it is, the original author has all the credit for the song. (Btw, if you know know who's the author, please let me know so I can give them proper credit and maybe even link to their original upload.)

Here's the final part. As I approached the ending I sort of started to drift off slightly so I found it better to end it at once. The ending might lack a bit of interest but then again... it's not really an ending.

Michael Braveheart all the contents of this story is copyright to myself.
This is a work of fiction. Any similarities with real places, names or people is just a coincidence.
Art is also copyright to myself. :iconmike-dragon::iconsaysplz:Steal and you die.

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Clazzeh Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
nice story so far man!
Mike-Dragon Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks. :)
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February 13, 2014
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